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My interest in wine began in 1991 when I attended George Brown College's Sommelier course and began learning about all of the benchmark wines of the world. During the Sommelier course, I developed an interest in grape growing in part as a result of the visits and lectures by different wine producers from around the world.

In 1993, I bought a 3-acre property in Vineland and in 1995 I began my grape growing journey by planting an assortment of vines that I thought had a chance of showing some terroir.

In 1999, I enrolled in the Brock University CCOVI program looking for additional information as to how to improve grape quality on my vineyard. I spent 8 long years completing the program. In 1999 I also bought another 21-acre farm, which was a well-established vineyard with a combination of vinifera, hybrid and concord grapes.

Today, I farm 24 acres of mainly vinifera grapes and some hybrids, I have sold my grapes to only the highest quality wineries in the Niagara Region such as 13th Street, Paskus & Temkin, Tawse, Pearl Morrisette, and this year, to Malivoire. I also have a history of consistently selling only premium fruit to a number of wine clubs for many years.

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