Our Terroir

Grapes can grow anywhere but benchmark wines are located in very few spots. My vineyard is located on top of a series of old stoney shorelines, rich soils and ancient glacial till parent material. My soils drain quickly reducing vigour and stressing vines for water early in the season. Climatically Niagara could be considered "gifted" when it comes to cool climate viticulture. The Niagara climate results in the freshest fruits and potentially the ripest qualities. Not every year delivers the length of fall required to ripen the later varieties, but my wind machines usually allow me an additional 7 to 10 days to ripen fruit, which results in a similar length of growing season to the Niagara Bench, and allows for more full and ripe fruit. The earthy tones of my reds and mineral aspects of my whites have shown through consistently in the wines I have produced for the past ten years.


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